VITEXS MACHINE TOOLS works is the largest Cone winding Machine manufacturing unit in south india. With incorporation of modern technology concepts and fulfilling the quality parameters of packages for subsequent processing. we have developed our vijay cheese winding DRT machine. Customers are our back bones and we are here to know the needs of the customers to fulfill their satisfaction we are very flexible with various types of services for various types of customers. Mfrs of cone winding machines, high speed cone winding, doubler winding & doubling machines, all cone winding spares, auto coner spares, rig spares and sheet metal work Etc.,



The main feature for even floor grip is rigid framing with pivoted spring piece of larger feet. Cast iron is used for ribbed section spindle rails, ribbed and webbed section roller beams.

Roller beams & spindle rails are milled perfectly at ends & perfectly grounded on all surfaces. For perfect seating of rings, sheet metal ring rails are precisely grounded. Hard chrome plated for rust prevention.

Hardened and ground smaller die pokers for reduced friction. Roller bearing and ball bearings for longer life use. For lesser power consumption endless flat belt main drive is the specialty. Uniform tension since improved double jockey pulleys arrangement is made. – for every 4 spindles two pulleys.

Bottom calendar roller En-8 steel hard chrome plated 45mm or 50mm with 50 or 54mm top rollers, for doublers. For the bottom calendar roller bearing, on both sides additional steel provided. For shortest reach to bottom calendar rollers, simplified twist gearing provided.

For high flexibility, compound gearing for high & low twists are provided. Easy change over from ‘S’ to ‘Z’ twist. Reverse gear attachment. For doubling frames, double ‘M’ wire stop motion is provided. To avoid lashing, separator plates are optional.


creel For cheeses rigid single pillar creel is there in three heights.










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VIJAY Manufacture

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Ring Doubling Frame Machine Data

Spindle Gauge                            :     75mm (3 “) 90mm (3 ½ “)

No. of spls.per Frame                 :     400 To 512, 336 To 448

Ring Diameter                            :     2 or 2 1/8? for 8? & 9? Lift frames 65mm
                                                         Std.or 2.6? M.G.Rings for 10? Lift

Lift of Frames                             :      8?-9?-10?

Twist Range                               :      2.85 -58 TP I

Spindle Speed                            :      12,000 R.P.M

Creel                                          :      Cheese- Cone -Porcupine

Drives                                         :      Flat Belt at G.E or 0.E

Separators                                 :      Aluminum- Longer

Lappets                                      :      Double Hole, Single Patti

Jockey Pulleys                            :      Double Jockey pulley for (S & Z) Twist

Building Motion                           :      Cop Build and Straight Build

Motor H.P                                   :       12.5 H.P and 15 H.P

Motor R.P.M                                :       1440 R.P.M

Calendar Roller -Top                   :       50mm Diameter

Calendar Roller-Bottom              :       45mm or 50m.m die

Width of the frame                     :       710mm

Length of the frame                   :      ½ The No. of Spindles x Gauge +1440

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